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Rapid, Far-reaching,
Unprecedented Change.

The climate crisis is happening all around us. As tech workers, we can use our skills to take and accelerate climate action.

At, we meet, discuss, learn and take climate action together.
We would love for you to join us on Slack.

Our Focus Areas

The internet is the world’s largest machine. If we continue business-as-usual, the IT sector will be responsible for 14% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2040 [HBR, 2020]. From our community conversations, these 4 subjects have emerged as levers for changing our industry:

We want businesses to prioritize climate issues and embed sustainability requirements into the day-to-day work of all employees.

Software engineers can make decisions which reduce the carbon pollution of their applications.

We can change the product design process to reduce upstream and downstream emissions.

While we transition to renewable energy, we can align compute load with low-carbon energy.

The time to address the climate crisis is now.

We all have a role to play. Everyone is welcome – we have over 8,000 members working in different industries with different skillsets and experience levels. Some members are just starting to learn about the climate crisis and others have been working on climate solutions for years.

We are just getting started

Some of our community projects include:

Green your craft

CAT Salon

Informal discussion-based events to learn about a climate topic and share experiences and potential actions to take. View presentations on YouTube.

Speak up

#LetsGreenTheWeb Together

#LetsGreenTheWeb campaign

The #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign is a focused, 5 day Twitter campaign to encourage and support everyone to measure the carbon emissions of websites and share tweets highlighting the results. Find out more.

Advocate & influence

Branch Magazine

An online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet. Produced in collaboration with EIT Climate KIC, Mozilla Foundation, Green Web Foundation. Read more.

View more projects

Are you ready to decarbonize the tech industry?